First LABDA academy training

When: 18th to the 20th October 2023

Where: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Background: According to the project plan, every year, LABDA Academy will arrange training sessions on different topics in different locations. In this regard, we had our first training at LABDA Academy in Amsterdam. All the LABDA researchers and Ph.D. fellows across Europe were invited to participate in this training to gain a deeper understanding of the topics, train relevant skills, and strengthen our research network.


LABDA researchers are encouraged to collaborate with other fellows to advance behavioral research methods and promote innovations. In this academy, we conducted presentation sessions on LABDA fellows’ roles and goals to help researchers have a clear understanding of each other’s roles and stimulate collaboration. We also had more technical sessions; Accelerometer course sessions were offered by Joss Langford (from Activinsights, UK) and Dr. Alex Rowlands (University of Loughborough) and provided indispensable information on accelerometry mechanics and history for LABDA researchers. Another workshop by Dr Fawad Taj on accelerometer data visualization and analytics also helped researchers to have hands-on experience with coding in R. Given that LABDA fellows come from diverse backgrounds and possess various skills, these sessions helped us gain shared fundamentals of the accelerometry knowledge and skills. On top of it, Dr Dale Esliger’s innovation workshop inspired fellows to be creative and think outside of the box in physical activity research. A taxonomy workshop by Dr. Sebastien Chastin provided opportunities to tackle and brainstorm potential challenges in creating shared taxonomy in the accelerometer research.

In short, this academy helped LABDA researchers with aligned fundamental knowledge, more inspiration, and better connections. We hope that this will give a boost to upcoming research in the LABDA project! Follow us on social media for more information and updates on the LABDA project.

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